DIY Fall Wreath


Happy Fall Y’all!

Its been a little while, but I finally was able to attempt a little bit more DIY! This time a Nice fall wreath! It was pretty easy to make, and didn’t really cost all that much either. I can’t take all the credit for this wreath, I found a tutorial on Pinterest and then made it my own from there! Here is the link to the wreath here: DIY Fall Wreath

So without further ado, let’s talk about making this!



  • What you’ll need:
    • Grapevine wreath (I used 18″)
    • Fake flowers
    • Half craft pumpkin (found at Michael’s)
    • Burlap roll
    • Glue gun
    • Scissors or wire cutters
    • Ribbon

So to get started, you want to cut a piece of burlap and wrap it around the wreath a few times. In the picture where the bow is, underneath I wrapped burlap. This gave me a good focus point for where to move the flowers out from, and later to attach the bow to. The next step after this is to place the flowers! I wanted to make sure it felt balanced, so I worked from the burlap out putting one flower on each side. So you just need to cut the flowers off of the stems. I left about two-three inches of stem connected to the flower, and just wove that through the grapevine.  Totally personal preference, but I placed the flowers first, and once I liked it I put a dab of hot glue to make sure they don’t fall out-of-place.

image2So that process just continues out till you get to a good stopping point that you like! Next comes the bow. So to do this I cut another piece of burlap about 18″ and formed the bow. I found a method for how to make a burlap bow that worked well for me! Instead of using twine (because I didn’t have any) I used a twist tie. From there I cut yet another piece of burlap to a good size to wrap around the middle of the bow to make it look nice and clean!

Side note: from this picture I fiddled with it more to make it more even, I just forgot to take another picture. Oops!

The next step was probably the hardest for me (and of course I didn’t take pictures), placing the pumpkin! I wanted it to sit just right, but it also needed to have enough contact points to be able to glue it.  So once I placed it i applied glue, and more glue and some more glue too! I basically just layered it to make sure it was going to hold! Be careful not to be too messy, but its ok if you are! For me at least, where most of the glue piled up is around where I was going to glue the bow on!


I really wanted to have something cute on the Pumpkin, but of course I no longer had
enough vinyl contact paper to make an image on my Silhouette Portrait! So I found one I liked on google, printed it out and went from there. This was hard because I had to freehand. I don’t have the best handwriting, and the pumpkin is lumpy. So it’s a little difficult to see, but I drew it on with pencil first and then went over it with sharpie. I added thicker lines as I wanted and such. Again, the final result didn’t look as nice as I had hoped, but it’s not too shabby if I say so myself!


Final step: Glue on the bow! The ribbon at the top is optional, but I needed it because the vine was too thick to fit on my wreath holder on the door. Ta-da!  I love the way it turned out, and hope if you decide you like it this helps you make one too! Happy DIY friends!



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